motorized Garage Door Bug Screens

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Garage Door Bug Screens

For many, the garage is so much more than just a place to park the car. Many homeowners wish to use their garage as an area to do small projects, store tools and bikes, set-up a home gym, and tinker with yard equipment or other hobbies. However, biting insects can make garages a very uncomfortable place to spend time. In the evenings, insects are drawn to lit garages, inviting potentially dangerous mosquitos to ruin your night. RA Supreme Services is here to help.

Why invest in a garage door insect screen?

Our automated, remote controlled affixed garage door insect screen is your solution. Available in any color or opacity standard insect mesh, or no-see-um grade, our screens lower and retract with the simple touch of a button. The screens do not require a fixed bottom track and won’t get stuck or become hard to move like slider door options you may have seen or tried. With 50-60% airflow, when lights are off you can see out and people from the street or driving by aren’t able to easily see in.

Our Insect Screens are Discreet

When not in use, the roll tube and screen are discreetly housed in a protective white, bronze, beige or ivory integrated protective aluminum cassette that mounts underneath or in front of the garage door opening. Side guides and a bottom bar track and keep the screen affixed and aligned.
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